Friday, June 27, 2008

Everything has a beginning, this is mine

So ... blogging ... who would have thought I would ever willingly commit to writing anything unless forced? Anyways, I am just completely facinated with this whole blogging thing and figured I would try my hand at it. If it goes the way of everything else I have started in my life you will read a ton of new entries over the next couple weeks then you might start to think I fell of the face of the Earth because the posts will mysteriously stop with no explaination. Of course, it would be great if that doesn't turn out to be the case and this whole blogging thing could be a catalyst for all the changes I want to make in my life, but I am a realist and know this will not be the case.

Moving on to the meat and potatoes of this; why am I starting a blog and what can you expect from it? So I bought a house in Baltimore back in March (can you guess what neighborhood?) and it needed a little work, as in it should be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. I was searching on google for do-it-yourself sites on home repair and ran into someone blog about how they took off the formstone on their house and had all the brick re-pointed the brick. From here I started searching for Baltimore blogs and came across a few i liked. I started reading them on a daily basis (it's what gets me through work) and venturing out into the other blogs they were linked to. I started using google reader and was able to keep track of a lot more blogs. Basically, that's how I got into blogs and decided I wanted to start mine. Another reason is that I forget everything I do and this could be a way to keep track of stuff.

So what am I going to throw in here? Well, as Charissa (one of the first blogs I started reading, I asked her what I should do to start one) said, "the content is entirely up to you." That is what I am going to say this is going to be filled with, whatever I want. There will probably be rants about work, maybe some post about how I actually did some of the work on my house instead of leaving it to watch whatever Blockbuster sent me this week, maybe a story about how I went out and didn't drink and wasn't a complete ass hole ... who knows, anything can happen.

So this is the beginning. Lets see how this plays out. The page may be pretty bland right now, but I will make it my own over time, hopefully soon.