Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today and some weekend pictures

So today was a productive day, I joined the dragonboat team at work and had my first practice and joined the gym in Canton and am planning on going tomorrow. I hope some of the pictures someone took from dragonboat practice get sent to me so I can post them.
Speaking of pictures, here are a couple fro this past weekend semi-camping at my friend Lucas' parents farm.
The tents set up in the yard The rough camping set-up

Yes, that is us playing rockband on a sheet with a projector in the middle of no where, Westminster

Monday, July 21, 2008

... or are you just happy to see me?

So my sister's boyfriend has a little garden in his back yard (which makes me wish I had a yard instead of a 8' x 12' concrete slab) and grows some random vegetables ... including the zucchini pictured above. He also put me in touch with his friend that has season tickets to the ravens he was trying to sell. The quarter and can are just there to show the size of the zucchini. I'll probably grill it this weekend during my graduation party since there will be enough to go around.

Yeah for my first post about something random that actually happened the same day I posted it! I'll put up those pictures I said I would soon (don't know who I am talking to since I am pretty sure I am the only one that reads this)

Oh, and btw ... The Dark Knight was f'ing amazing.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

About time

Well ... I know it has been a while since I posted that first post saying I was going to post a lot during the first few weeks and then maybe drop off. Hopefully this means the opposite has occurred and I dropped off early and will not start to post on a regular basis. It's just hard for me to sit down at a computer when I get home from work. I thought about posting several times (is this a repeat of my first post or what?) but didn't have the energy or desire to fire up my POS laptop and hope the keyboard worked. So on that note, let's re-cap what has happened so far in July ... with plenty of occasions forgotten I am sure.
  • Went to NYC (brooklyn) to visit Vanessa (V)
  • Went to a Staten Island wedding with V - I consider her my default wedding date because we always have fun together (this was also the most elaborate wedding I have been to in my life and I have been to quite a few)
  • Saw Hancock with V and Wolfe (V's friend) - Still don't know what I think about it ... what kind of movie were they trying to make ... I think they got lost somewhere in the development and made half of two different movies and decided to connect them
  • Did absolutely nothing to celebrate the 4th even though I was in the biggest city in the US that had a $40 million fireworks show (fireworks just don't do it for me unless I am setting them off)
  • Went to Spamalot on Broadway (much funnier than Monty Python's Holy Grail I saw for the first time less than a week earlier ... British comedy is like fireworks to me, the dry wit is only funny to me when I am doing it)
  • Randomly went out for drinks with Lucas and Nancy (from MD but happened to be in NYC at the same time)
  • Left V to go to a "White Party" with Lucas and Nancy (for which I had to buy a white outfit that I didn't have)
  • Had fun at said "White Party" on a small boat that took us around NYC till 5 AM
  • Commuted back to Brooklyn only to pack up and commute back to Penn Station and catch my train back to B'more
  • Worked for a few days then got sick and worked from home for the next couple days
  • Went to Roy's Hawiian Fusion in Harbor East with MK (I love this place but when dinner is this expensive it can't be a frequent visit)
  • Watched Happy Gilmore for the first time in years, "the price is wrong ... bitch" (one of Adam Sandler's funniest)
  • Went out with Brian and Jill for one of their friend's 30th bdays this night included a rooftop deck, Saute (which has some of the best calamari I have had), Claddagh's Pub, dancing on the pool table at Claddagh's (not me), more roof deck, passing out on couch, walking home at 5:30 AM
  • Had 59th Bday dinner at my mom's for my dad ... always an interesting time when you get my family together ... I swear it could be a successful TV show
  • That brings us to yesterday on my dad's actual bday we went golfing, Waverly does not have enough trees to provide shade for my Irish skin (which is now red), went to Ryleigh's in Fed Hill for Shore night and had crabs, oysters, the best corn on the cob ever, calamari (not as good as Saute's), and ended up in Canton to go to Vaccaro's for desert and show my house to Aunt J and Uncle G (sister's godparents)

So that may be a lot to take in right now and maybe I'll post some pictures from the random events on there (when I get home since I don't have them here at work ... shhh! I'll get back to work now, and by that I mean start setting up my fantasy football league)