Monday, December 13, 2010

Picture Catch-up Part 1, Culebra Puerto Rico

First, Happy Birthday Aunt Karen.

OK, these picture catch-up posts are going to be incredibly out of order but that's the nice thing about having a blog ... you can do whatever you want.

These are from the second weekend in November in Culebra, Puerto Rico. I went with a great group of people and it was the perfect escape from work and the increasingly colder weather.

The ferry ride from the mainland to Culebra take about 75 minutes and you get to see a bunch of the other islands off the coast of PR

These 2 pictures combine to be the view from our condo's balcony; too bad my phone couldn't capture how truly awesome it was

The ladies of the trip with our bus driver Willy; we had a party bus both nights and he came in with us everywhere we went

Some of the group chilling on our balcony

When there's drinking and available coconuts, the only logical conclusion is a coco-lantern

Our only meal out, at Eden, was excellent (had lobster that was great)

Kirby, Jackson and I after the meal. There's a reason for my face, but I'm not telling here

The group with Willy (my phone's lens had a smudge)

The ferry leaving Culebra

One of the streets in old San Juan; we had time before our flight and decided to take a stroll through

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