Monday, January 12, 2009

Phelps in Fells

I went to Max's in Fells Point this weekend to watch the Ravens - Titans game and just wanted to show everyone this picture.

Apparently Phelps went to Max's a while back and didn't bring his ID. The bouncers wouldn't let him in because he didn't have it (pesky laws) and he was insistent on getting in because he is Michael Phelps (and was of legal drinking age at the time). Being that Phelps is considered (by many) a Maryland/Baltimore icon, he gets talked about a lot around here. I don't know him as a person and don't really have an opinion of him either way, but have heard from many that went to school with him (or have met him) that he is pretty full of himself. Honestly ... can you blame him? I know if I was the best swimmer in the world and hold as many records as he does ... I would probably be pretty hard to deal with. I already seem overly confident about everything I do and pretty much screw up as much as I succeed. Think how I would be if I acheived the level of international success he has. I am not defending him (maybe I am a little) and if I met him and he was an ass to me, I would be just as much of an ass right back. I am just saying that I can understand how he may be full of himself. Not every celebrity can be grounded. That's really all I got on this subject.

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Jenny said...

I think having your company at Max's helped the Ravens win. Thanks!