Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally, Something in My House is Different

I was in a weird mood yesterday and decided that I wanted to accomplish something. I didn't take a before picture so here is a description of my stairs. Originally they were covered in nasty burnt looking carpet (which there are old pictures of) ... when I tore up the carpet a while back the stairs were covered with linoleum and had metal pieces on the edge of each step. There were also a ton of tacks and staples in the stairs from the carpet.

I figured it wouldn't take long to tear up the linoleum and pull out all the staples/tacks and it would look a lot better and give me that sense of accomplishment I was looking for. This worked and now I am re-motivated to work on stuff. The next steps are to pick up my dad's belt sander Wednesday and sand off all the adhesive. I think I may sand the risers too and take off the white paint, but haven't decided on that yet.


Jenny said...

After seeing the stairs before, you did a great job and can't wait to see how the sanding goes. If you do a great job I'll even invite you to sand mine.

Corey said...

Looks good.

I am also in the process of redoing my stairs. It's a lot of detail work. I am keeping the risers white, and have added 1/4" luan over top of the existing wood to act at a newer/cleaner face. I am also just adding new treads over top. The old treads have been screwed into the the base to minimize the squeaks. I thought about sanding and refinishing the existing treads, but with new treads running $11 a piece ($24 for hardwood), it just wasn't worth it, and new ones will look better. You'd have to stain and seal the treads either way, each coat of poly will want 24 hours before you want to walk on them, so make sure you plan accordingly... I'm doing poly before I mount the treads to avoid this issue.