Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things that would be better explained through pictures

I know I said I would take some pictures of the house after cleaning most everything up but I did not get the chance because I stayed in Columbia last night and haven't had the chance to take any of the pictures ... I will try to get on that tonight. In the meantime, here are some things that I learned this weekend:
  • There is only one layer of brick separating me from my neighbor (as evidenced by the hole in my wall where I can see into the next house)
  • There used to be a second (or first, but in a different spot) fireplace in my living room
  • The stairs used to divide the room and be perpendicular to the length of the house instead of parallel
  • There used to be pink walls and the carpet on the stairs also used to be pink
  • I think I should completely take out the second floor and re-level it (is that a term?)
  • Golf themed birthday parties include a lot of argyle
  • Dust and debris finds its way into every room even when you try to close them off
  • I have a lot of cleaning up to do
  • My house will be how I want it around 2012 and I am OK with that

I'll try and get the pictures up tonight to show the awesomeness that is my first floor.

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