Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'll be back more often, I promise

Yeah, so I haven't been posting much again, I think it's cause I have been busy at work and don't have my laptop set-up at home anymore. Random fun facts, in bullet form below:
  • Got a lot of work done on the house in preparation for framing out the first wall this coming weekend (pictures will be provided)
  • Went to a wedding Saturday, had a lot of fun and danced with an 83 year-old grandma that was probably around 4'10"
  • Lost football again Sunday and realized no one believes I can throw the ball as far as I can cause they slow down and I overthrow them ... keep running
  • Reached 100 at Mahaffey's and am now a part of the ultra-exclusive hundred beer club
  • Only had 1 beer on St. Patrick's day (to reach 100) ... but that's 1 beer more than I had last year when I was in CT working overnight supporting an implementation in Singapore
  • Playing indoor soccer tonight and volleyball tomorrow
  • Working on my house Friday night through Saturday night ... as long as I can
  • Considering going out and practicing with a Rugby team ... need to see if I can get an after-work job first though
That's all I got for now.


Mom said...

It's about time we heard from you! This is how I usually keep up to date.

uncle lance said...

Yea me too. Now if your mom would just start a blog I could keep up with her also.