Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend House Progress

I got a lot of work (for me) done on my house Sunday. I have all 4 recessed lighting housings up in my living room and just need to wire them; which I am planning on doing tonight. I am not going to completely hook them up yet until I frame out the front wall and I am not going to be able to do that until I expose the brick and remove the radiator piping to the second floor.

Now all I need is power going to these

As far as removing the radiators, I was able to drain them fairly easily. The water that came out was pretty nasty and had an awful odor. It took about an hour to drain all 4 and I was able to make use of the tub in the basement as a drain. After draining them I disconnected the one in the living room (since it wouldn't matter if a bunch of nasty water leaked there) as a test to see if they were actually empty. There was a little water left inside but I was able to drain that by tipping the radiater into a bucket. Not sure how heavy the radiators are, but I am going to go with 300+ pounds. I'm pretty sure the one in the basement is going to need to be taken out back and through the alley.

The faucet connection was not that great

Anyone thirsty?

There used to be a 300 pound hunk of iron here

Now I can start exposing that wall so I can frame it out

Also, I found something I can do when I am bored or only have a few minutes to work on something. I grabbed my golf club cleaning brush to clear off a chunk of plaster on the brick and decided it would be a good way to prep the brick on the wall I am going to leave exposed. It's not fast, but I can be more detailed and take extra care on the spots that have loose mortar. I bought a couple brass wire brushes so they wouldn't be too abrasive and the results turned out great.

Brick with the left-over plaster on it

More brick & plaster

Brick after cleaning it up


Anonymous said...

The cleaned brick looks pretty good. Are you just leaving the inner wall exposed? Haven't seen it in a while. - Mom

Jenny said...

WOW!! I am so impressed with what you have done! The brick wall looks great and the living room without the radiator is a huge improvement.
Can I do a Home Depot run for you? I miss going there everyday.

Anonymous said...

looks great! how are you getting rid of the old radiators? Bulk trash pick-up through the City or taking them to the dump?

Patrick said...

Mom -
I'm going to leave one of the interior walls exposed, the side with the stairwell.

Jenny -
I hope I don't have to go to HD for a while, but if I do I'll definately let you know.

Anony -
I am planning on taking them to a scrap metal place I think it off of Eastern or somewhere nearby; might as well get some $$ for them.