Friday, March 6, 2009

More house work (but not much)

Wednesday's volleyball match went well and we defeated the other team fairly easily. Unfortunately, the game was early and I didn't have any time to work on the house because the team goes out after for some food and drinks. Last night I made plans to go to Pho Dat Thahn in Columbia and have my first pho experience; it was really good and I am looking forward to trying different places now. The plans weren't until 8 so I decided to get some simple work done.

I figured it would be easy to cut the iron pipes in the living room that were running to the radiator in the bedroom. Well, I guess I am just a dumb ass because it took about 30 minutes to get through one pipe (I was using a hacksaw because I didn't feel like spending money on something better). Halfway through the second pipe I gave up and decided to do something else until I got a better saw. The failed pipe cutting results:

I grabbed the crowbar and decided to see how well the plaster was adhered to the front wall. To my surprise, most of the upper portion came off very easily. I didn't want to get too dirty since I was going out to dinner, so I just pulled off the pieces that were loose and decided to move to the kitchen. Front wall:

I only had about 20 minutes before I had to leave to get to Pho Dat and decided to detach the radiator in my kitchen. That was easy, but moving it proved to be a lot more difficult for just me. The feet of the radiator were set into holes in the floor, which made me have to lift it out so that I could slide it over. It got done, and I amazingly didn't get dirty in the process. Now I am looking forward to the time when I have to clean that wall (as you can see below).

I picked up a reciprocating saw and a metal blade so I hope to accomplish a lot this weekend.


Jenny said...

Job well done thus far! I wish I had stuff to demo at my house. By the way, I do have a recipocating saw with a blade for cutting metal if you wanted to save money.

Uncle Lance said...

Your blog seems to be getting the short end of the stick lately - what's up with that?

Patrick said...

Uncle Lance -
The weather is getting nicer and I have been spending more time outdoors. We all can't live on an island where the temperature stays above 60 all year; I have to enjoy it while I can. Or maybe I am just lazy?

Daniel said...

Hey Patrick,

I'm Danny over at Urban Discoveries Living Blog ( saw you posted on the interview I recently did with the Baltimore Rowhouse gang and was wondering if you'd be interested in doing an interview with us as well. If so drop me a line at

Thanks so much,