Monday, December 15, 2008

Accountability Doesn't Mean You're Good at Math

I've been told that telling others something makes you more likely to follow through with it since it creates a sense of accountability. I hope this happens to be the case for this. Even though it isn't starting till January, I joined the other day and paid my money now ... so it's fresh on my mind. I am doing a biggest loser type competition at my gym. It consists of 3 teams of 4-6 people and lasts 8 weeks. Each week you have one personal training session and one group training session, plus whatever you do on your own. It cost a lot of money, but I feel like the value to me is going to come from getting in the routine of going to the gym ... also, 16 training sessions is a lot and should prove to be very helpful. I'm usually not motivated to do something unless there is some form of competition involved, so that is also a reason I feel this will be helpful. Here are some random thoughts as to why I am doing this ... and also a wonderful photo timeline of my fabulous physique.

I am a large man. Not large like I need to buy 2 seats on an airplane, but large enough that I can still shop at J. Crew (since I am the epitome of preppy? Let's go with Old Navy), but could also find some clothes at the Big & Tall store on the corner. I'm over 6'3'' and tip the scale at a scant 275 lbs ... and I've never really lifted weights (consistently) in my life, so its not like I have any kind of athletic build. When I was in Chile this past January and my friend ordered me a drink, he directed the waiter to me and the waiter's response was, "Ah, grande hombre, si?" Classic.

While my weight is not something I am overly concerned about (who wouldn't like to lose some weight), my health is. I used to play basketball 3 to 4 nights a week (even skipping night classes if necessary) and pick-up football games on the weekend in college. I also played in every intramural sports there was (until I was suspended from intramurals my last semester). I was a smoker then (19 months since my last one) and drank almost every night, but I never felt as tired as I do now. I don't really have the ability to play that often and it isn't as convenient as it was in college, now I have to find a way to go to the gym (I do try an play everything I can, and right now that consists of volleyball and I just signed up for an indoor soccer league starting in January).

Here's that photo timeline I know you all have been waiting for ... with captions that would probably be funnier if I was writing them on a Friday or Saturday night.

Senior Prom - Spring 2001, this was the heaviest I have ever been, right around 285 and at this point in my life I had about zero strength so it was all padding.

Ireland - August 2004, this is probably the best shape I was ever in, around 215. I think this is from Kilkenny and the wall is part of some castle ruins that were on the property of the B&B we were staying at.

Florence, Italy - March 2005, My sister and I in Italy, back up to about 225 (probably more than that when I got home, but I did walk around the city for several hours each day, so maybe not).

Chile - January 2008, I don't think this picture is an accurate representation, I think the suit was sitting weird ... but I look at this whenever I need motivation to work out ... also of note is that this is the same suit I wore in the first picture because my suits from college aren't really the right size anymore. Around 275.

This is another one from Chile that I like, so I figured I'd post it.

Expect funny stories of my working out failures (but hopefully successes) and maybe I'll be able to run in the St. Paddy's Day 5K which is my goal for the end of this competition.


Jenny said...

Well we missed having you at the party on Saturday...hope you had fun at your other party. Are you doing the biggest loser program at Merritt? My roommate was thinking about going to sign-up for this week. GOOD LUCK with it all!! If you get bored come to the gym in the AM...I'm always there.
on a side note-do you have a tool that can cut thru steel? I need to remove the old back gate hinges that are in the brick wall. I wasn't paying attention last night when I was backing into my parking pad and my car ate the hinges.

AnnJames said...

wow good luck! i would have never guessed you weighed that much! i think it helps to be tall :)

i've been watching the biggest loser this season and it's incredible what people can do when you inspire them with competition!! i'm sure you'll keep the blog updated with your progress :)

Corey said...

Are you going to cut out drinking?

I too would like to get a bit more svelte but am lacking the motivation. Sounds like you have a good plan.

Patrick said...

Jenny -
Yes I do, depending on how thick the hinges are, let me know if you want to borrow it or I can come cut it for you;, I go to the Canton Club because it has 24 hour access

AJ -
Yeah, I was pretty bad back in the good old days. I am a stubborn competitor now so I should do pretty well with this ... I hate losing

Corey -
I am looking to put the booze in the back seat for a while ... I don't think it will be much of an issue, but I do still plan on having wine (in moderation) with nice meals