Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Friday Night Shenanigans

Of course it takes me until Wednesday to get around to posting about Friday. I guess this can be considered a good thing since I have been busy with my job and am happy to have a job (but who wouldn't want to employ me?). A really good friend got laid off Friday and that sucks a lot, as did some people I liked but wouldn't really consider a friend.

Friday night's small holiday party was great ... well, at least the parts I remember were. It was at Boozer's house and it has been determined that she can make party food like no one else. She should have a show on the food network. I have a picture of some of it, but let's just say it was great and I won't miss one of her parties ever again.

The night involved lots of beer pong (indoors to prevent hypothermia), WoW comments toward Ish, and me finishing a whole bottle of Captain's Private Stock. The night came to a conclusion shortly after I was discovered passed out on the floor in one of the room's in the basement and everyone decided they wanted to write on me but couldn't since I was being Santa the next day. After I woke up, the volleyball people that were still there posed for a team shot with the hoodies we won from the Baltimore Beach fall league (Do I look as though I consumed an entire bottle of rum? I think so). I was told we went to the bar shortly after this picture and I ordered water (no ice) had some then told them I needed to go. When I woke up Saturday, all my clothes were nicely folded and my keys and money was organized, why can't I do that every night when I go home sober?


Jenny said...

I love the story! I need to become friends with that side of the street...I don't know anyone over there on the "Even" side, especially that house since they seem to have numerous parties. You should have knocked on my door,as I had a bunch of YCP various sorority girls at my house for wine. If you are looking for something to do this Saturday come to my lovely street again and stop by my house around 8pm (you can bring a friend). This time around maybe your alchol tolerance will be higher.

Patrick said...

You should have come knocked on her door ... that would have been funny ... "I read about this party happening here online and figured I would swing by ... oh beer pong, I got next!"

I'll be at my boss' holiday party Saturday night and last year it got kinda crazy, so I don't forsee being back in Baltimore until really late, or Sunday morning. But I would have been down to hang out otherwise. Keep me in mind next time ... I love wine.

Jenny said...

As much as I would love to meet my neighbors...I think everyone would have thought I was a stalker plus if I played beer pong I would have beat all of them. We are going to be having a small beer pong tournament at my party this weekend. You should plan on stopping by mi casa sometime during the 3rd wkend of January..I usually have a bday party.

p.s. when do you give your liver a break?

Patrick said...

My liver gets a break between the hours of 4 AM - 4 PM Monday through Thursday ... but sometimes it gets an emergency call around noon and has to work again.

I'll keep that in mind for January.