Friday, December 26, 2008

My Christmas

Is it considered a tangent when you start with it?? Anyways ... here is a package I received in the mail from Hawaii (Click to make it bigger and read the bottom). Thanks Uncle Lance & Aunt Karen, it's hanging on my chimney until I have a complete house:

After the adventures of searching for lunch ... this is how the rest of my day went:

  • Watched program on how beer is losing market share in the alcoholic beverage industry and what brewers are doing to combat this with my Mom and sister
  • Watched "Prince Caspian (2nd chapter of the Narnia stories), again with Mom and sis
  • Aunt and Dad got home; Aunt went to nap, Dad left to let a dog out somewhere
  • Started cooking roast (not me), finished Caspian movie
  • Dad got back, started "Nightmare Before Christmas" after unsuccessfully finding something interesting to watch on TV
  • Opened gifts (we only do stockings and got/gave mostly giftcards so it didn't take long)
  • Ate dinner
  • Sis' BF showed up
  • Started playing Loaded Questions (more below)
  • Finished playing Loaded Questions (Dad won)
  • Went home (with a stop at Blockbuster)
  • Watched Mummy movie (third one, with Jet Li) while hanging laundry and cleaning up
  • Passed out
Loaded Questions is an awesome game but I have to warn against playing it with family. The basic idea of the game is that everyone writes down their answer to a question and the person whose turn it is has to attribute each answer to one of the players. There are also reversals where everyone has to write down what they think the person whose turn it is will answer. The game is great when you have a lot of creative people or are aided in creativity through some fluid means (not that I know what that means). "Why the warning," you ask? One of the questions was, "What is the most expensive item you have stolen?" ... my dad was guessing among answers like, "an office stapler" and "a binder." Shit, I am not going to answer that question honestly ... I was in college ... and a teenager growing up in boring ass Columbia ... now, I'm not saying I am (or was) a kleptomaniac at any point, but I won't deny acquiring a keg or 2 through unscrupulous means over the years or maybe some other random things like 5 gallon tubs of ice cream from the school cafeteria or one of those newspaper things on the street corner (OK, that wasn't me ... but when I showed up at DT and Snuggles' apartment ON CAMPUS and was able to get the Sunday paper in their living room ... it was pretty funny) or just something more significant than office supplies. [See, I can go on a tangent at the beginning and end of a post] Just remember, you've been warned about playing with family ... otherwise, it's an awesome game.


Anonymous said...

You are most welcome. I figure you must have at least one artistic friend in the group of dead beats you hang with that can change the established date to 2008. I felt the rest of it was pretty much on the money. Have a great New Year and good luck with your biggest loser quest...
ktf, uncle lance

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the game, and the whole day just hanging out with the family. I can see that I am pretty transparent as most of my answers were guessed correctly (which didn't help my score). And, I love the sign from Uncle Lance and Aunt Karen - perfect (is a mother supposd to be proud of that??) -Mom

Anonymous said...

OK so I typed supposed too fast!

Jenny said...

I hope the second line on that sign doesn't represent any of the girls you date.