Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Review

I don't have any pictures from Friday night, nor do I have the writing ability to accurately describe the events that transpired. I will say this though, the night involved all of the following for some or all of the people in my group:

  • Bartender's
  • Trivia Pursuit cards
  • Teachers
  • A vice-principal ralphing outside the bar's window
  • Some game involving charades
  • Getting carded for ordering water
  • Someone giving someone else's number to the bartender
  • Defining the term "Cranking a Squeege"
Saturday I went out with Newman looking at houses. He is in the market to buy and I wanted to see a bunch of houses in Canton that weren't mine and I couldn't afford. We looked at a total of 10 houses and he found 2 he really likes, and 1 that would be an awesome investment (short sale) but was too big for what he wanted. After looking at the houses, we grabbed some food at Nacho Mama's (love this place) then parted ways before the holiday party that night.

I got to the party a little early so I could set-up Rockband and help out if necessary. I think this year was more fun for me than last year because more people from work showed up and several from my group of friends. We played some Rockband (I sang and everyone kinda stopped talking for a minute and looked over to see if they needed to call for an ambulance) had some good food and counted the minutes till the gift exchange. I am not going to explain the format, but let's just say there was lots of stealing and plenty of strategery going on. I think I ended up with one of the best gifts because of it. I do, however, feel a little bad for whoever got my gift. I used a gift bag and wrapped a brick (since I have plenty of them lying around) in tissue, then placed two of those mini-cereal boxes on top with more tissue paper. Actually, I loaded it with tissue paper so no one would be able to see the brick. People were stealing it since it was heavy and they thought there was something good in there. There was a Starbucks giftcard, but it was under the cardboard under the brick ... thankfully the person found it before throwing the bag out. For your viewing pleasure:

Sunday was fun (other than the Ravens losing). This was the first game I went to with my dad, and his second game ever. He didn't come to the tailgate, but seemed to have a good time during the game (until the end when he had to break-up a fight while leaving). Not really much to say about the game, I can't be too upset because the Ravens had 3 chances to score a TD and couldn't ... plus, I am pretty confident in the ability of the Steelers to get 6 inches if that touchdown wasn't overturned (if you didn't see (or hear about) the game, none of that will make sense). I didn't drink much throughout the day because I had to bolt right at the end so I could make our volleyball game. We went 1 - 2 and after the game I was pretty pissed ... I hate losing.


Jenny said...

You should tell your friend to buy one of the two houses for sale next to me!!! or another nice one on the 700 block of Potomac! I am surprised I didn't see you at the football game...if only it wasn't so crowded :P

Patrick said...

None on your block were on the list ... I don't remember seeing one on Potomac saturday, but if we did, it didn't make his short list.

Hope you had a good time this past weekend.

Poetslife said...

Hey PL,

I like how your info tag says "Gender - NA" and "Mental Status - Confused." Didn't only 5 states receive an 'A' for emergency preparedness? I think VA was one of them.

Hope work has been going well.

- Patrick

Patrick...did you meant this post for me? Seems like you meant to send to someone else.

Glad to see you're doing very well.

Any marriage plans?

Could not find your email on your site so had to post here.