Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adventures in Carpooling

Since I have been really busy doing nothing super important or nothing I really want to write about in here ... I figured I would mention that I started my second attempt at carpooling today.

One of my friends/co-workers just bought (settled on) a house a week or so ago three short blocks from me. I figured he and I could carpool to work to save some money. The last time I tried carpooling was with a co-worker that puts in lots of extra time and it just didn't work out ... especially on the days I wanted to leave early (or on-time). This time should work better though; my friend and I have fairly similar schedules and if he does end up staying late to work, I can just go to the gym (something I didn't consider during the first carpooling attempts).

The only problem is he listens to Howard Stern on Sirius Radio and it sucks ... I mean is really terrible and annoying ... that and he smells ... really bad, like pasta. Oh, and his driving is horrible and his car is ugly. Or maybe I just know he'll read this.

On another note, while helping him move in it was determined his box spring couldn't go up the stairs (he has a crappy wrap-around spiral type staircase) so we decided to put it through the second story window. Since I can't post more than a couple times without a picture ... I'll throw one up here.


Jon said...

That must have been fun. How big a box spring can you fit through one of those windows, anyway?

Patrick said...

I think it (the boxspring) was 53" at it's widest point and only had a couple to spare in the window frame. It was actually really easy to get in ... a lot easier than I had originally anticipated.

Corey said...

When I lived in Alabama I carpooled to work for about a month. The drive was about 40 miles each way. My carpool mates listened to a radio station that talked about Auburn and Alabama football every day. The daily conversation also centered around this topic. I lasted a week and decided I'd rather have peace and quiet.

zoompoolprez said...

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