Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting back to Work

So I got back to work on my house a little bit and now I feel like I'm motivated to work at it on a consistent basis.

I bought six of these and an going to put four of them up tonight in the front part of the living room and two of them in the back narrow half (where the stairs take up some of the room width). I need to determine how I want them to be controlled so I can run the electric and buy switches and boxes. I think I am going to put the front four on a dimmer and the back two separate since the front is going to be the TV room and I'll have my desk or small dining table in the back. I spent about two hours in bed reading up on wiring standards and I am going to draw out a plan before I do anything since I also need to incorporate the stairwell light.

I also got bored and decided to take down one of the kitchen cabinets (just for fun) since I am going to replace the entire kitchen after doing the living room. This is what I found:

I just downloaded Google's Sketch program and am trying to draw floor plans and will give you an idea of my end goal once I have it out of my head.


Corey said...

What time you getting to Mahaffey's?

If you haven't figured out the can lights I'm sure I can help.

Patrick said...

Between 5 and 5:30, unless something breaks at work (not likely). The BSSC Volleyball league starts tonight and I have a game at 8, so I want to get there early.

My friend that just bought a house on Luzerne (it's already fixed up) and will be there too.