Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dragonboating & Beyond

So every Tuesday (when it isn't storming) a group of people from work go to Canton Marina and practice for our dragonboat race in September. I'm not the most in-shape person (or really in-shape at all) but I enjoy doing this and am pretty strong overall, which helps with the paddling. We have only practiced a few times, but every time we do, things seem to be coming together more and more. This year's race has two categories, competetive and sport. We are in the sport division so it takes some pressure off and we are mostly just out to have fun and do something good for charity. Here are a couple pictures from today:

After practice, a few of us grabbed a couple beers and I headed to Speakeasy again for my daily dose of the Olympics. Caught the end of men's beach vball USA beating Argentina and then watched as local Katie Hoff fell to fourth place as the top 3 all beat the world record in the 200M Freestyle. Saw some women's (but none of these girls seem to be women yet, they all look 12 years old) gymnastics and then watched Phelps become the life-time gold medal record holder.

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