Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last night

So last night ... and by last night I mean Friday night since it is now past midnight and last night would really mean tonight.

OK ... so last night I went to a happy hour for this guy (who said he would add me to his "Blogroll") with Brian and Dave. I now have several things I must do as a result of this excursion. I volunteered to help this girl with some home improvement demolition (which I would actually love to do). I need to try Haggis because the happy hour host and his Mrs. spoke so highly of it. I have to take a glass blowing class and need to remember to get information about doing so from Charissa (and I need to not eat the Hummus at Don't Know). I met a lot of good people and learned other people's reasons for blogging and can compare them to my own (or at least what I think my reasons for blogging are).

After meeting all those good people (and winning a game of shuffleboard (and losing Dave and Brian to random circumstances)) I headed to Mother's then realized everyone I was meeting up with was at "the Magic Bar" (Illusions). I went over there and had a couple beers and watched the show then we left and went to ... Mother's. After a while and some more beers I went to leave but there was a horrible storm out the front window. I went back and had another beer with my friends hoping the storm would pass, when I went back to leave it was still raining. I asked the person next to me (some random stranger) if they knew when it would stop raining. They looked at me funny and just walked away ... I was confused so I looked out the side window and it wasn't raining there. Apparently someone or something hit the fire hydrant across the street and it was spraying all over the front window but I was too drunk to realize it wasn't raining until that person gave me a funny look. I left through the front door (because I was too stupid to use the side door and not get sprayed with Baltimore fire hydrant water).

Overall a good night.


Charissa said...

Glad you came out - it was nice meeting you!

anonymouscoworker said...

I agree with Charissa. Thank you for getting me drunk.