Tuesday, August 5, 2008

House Post #2 - Basement

Here are some pictures from the basement when I first bought the house. It is a lot different now because I got a new water line coming in from the street (the old one had several holes in it and was leaking water under the sidewalk in front of my house) and a new breaker box (the old one was manufactured by a company that no longer existed and you couldn't get new breakers or blanks to fill in the empty slots). I also have a bunch of stuff stored down there and have moved a lot of crap the old owner left into the back to get thrown out when I rent a roll-off dumpster thing.

Apparently this bathroom was the only one in the house until about 10 years ago. The toilet is under the stairs. Also, the black tube you see pointed into the tub is the drain for the washer and drier that are next to the tub.

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Jenny said...

I wish you still had the toilet chair..I would use it as a part of my guest bathroom in the basement. Did you have a Federal Pacific electrical panel? Having the tub in the basement will be the perfect thing to wash your dog off in someday.