Friday, August 22, 2008

Going to Vegas

So I am leaving for Vegas tomorrow at 6:30 AM and I have yet to pack anything. The only thing I have done is print my boarding pass and find a deck of cards to play with at work today. This procrastination can be completely blamed on Summer Glau (she is also awesome in Firefly and Serenity) and her portrayal of a terminator in the Sarah Conner Chronicles that was released this past Tuesday. Thankfully there were only nine episodes because of the writer's strike and I was able to finish the season around 12:30 last night so I can concentrate on packing when I get home tonight.

To do:
Call MGM Grand and request early check-in - done
Print out schedule of daily poker tournaments - done
Print out wikipedia page about craps and roulette - done
Check-in and print boarding passes - done
Find glasses and extra contacts
Do laundry
Pack clothes
Pack laptop and other necessary electronics
Buy new headphones from Best Buy
Take everything valuable out of car

I really don't have much to do and had to reach to come up with a list that wasn't only a couple things. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and hopefully have some good stories when I get back ... oh and lots of extra money (not likely).


Cat said...

OOH, Vegas. So jealous. I stayed at the MGM Grande. Have fun. I'm going back in October and am so excited!
BTW- Terminator was a surprisingly great series. Starts again sometime in September.

Charm City Barfly said...

I hope we get to see a post on your trip to Vegas. Not everything that happens in Vegas really needs to stay in Vegas.