Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend round up

After my night out Friday, my old roommate dropped her dog off for me to watch over the next week.
Skye (the pit) is a county dog and was really confused by the lack of grass during the first walk. She didn't go to the bathroom until the third time I took her out. So after walking her I left her to go to my sister's boyfriend's uncle's grandmother's thrid cousin's 30th birthday (- the uncle, grandma and cousin). My sister recruited me to work the grill about 4 months ago.

The party was a suprise for Bryan and it turned out he had no idea. His parents, sister and about 25 - 30 friends showed up in the back yard of a Baltimore city house, needless to say, it was packed. While cooking I had plenty to drink (helped get rid of the hangover from the night before), inhaled at least a years worth of grill exhaust, and felt my eyebrows singe on more than one occasion. The food turned out great, the rain held off (aside from two less than 10 minute showers) and everyone seemed to have a great time. Instead of staying for the 3 - 4 hours I had planned on, I ended up leaving after midnight and riding my bike home drunk. Being that I got my bike back last week for the first time in about two years and was riding home drunk around the same time other drunk people were driving home from the square ... I felt good about my chances of not getting hit by a car. I got home fine and took Skye out for a walk then went home and passed out.

Sunday I took Skye to my mom's in Columbia to play with Joey (the blonde mutt in the picture) and do my laundry (my house is under construction and I don't have those appliances (well, I do but not in working order)). Other than Skye trying to get in my lap as I drove through the Harbor tunnel and almost killing me, the drive was fine. Joey and Skye did great together and I got my stuff done and went to look at a new phone (they didn't have the Curve in stock so I will go back later and get it). Got back to Canton around 6 and put on a movie while I cleaned up the house a little. Watched the first disc of "The Tudors" and went to sleep.

I have determined that I do not want a dog until I have a yard. The whole needing to walk the dog three or four blocks to find grass right before bed when I have already been lying in bed for 3 hours and needing to get dressed and walk the dog in the morning before taking a shower and actually getting dressed is too much of a sacrifice for me. I have no problems walking the dog in the morning, but would rather do so after I go through my wake-up routine ... this would result in cleaning up after the dog being added to that routine. I need to have a small back yard for short bathroom only breaks before I have a dog.

Anyways, I am in for a fun week of Dragonboat practice, volleyball practice, and dog watching on top of the always exciting work day.

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