Friday, August 22, 2008

House Post #7 - Main Floor Repair (pt. 2)

So, I said in my previous post about not knowing how to repair the hole in the chimney; I think I did a pretty decent job. The hole was about the size of two half bricks on top of each other. I chiseled out the remainder of the brick to make an opening for two whole bricks and cleaned out the surface of the opening. The amount of mortar I bought wasn't enough and was meant to touch up small areas so I was initially only able to do one brick. You can see how the mortar on the lower brick is dry while the rest of it is fresh. After picking up more mortar I put in the second brick and filled in any gaps that were left with the first brick. The result is a chimney with no holes and a few mismatched bricks and different colored mortar. I don't really care too much about this because I intend on having the chimney taken out (if possible) once I get central air and no longer need it for exhaust purposes.

The hole prior to prepping it for repair

Finished product

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