Sunday, August 10, 2008


After work on Thursday I went to the Volleyball House in Elkridge with my vball team and played for a couple hours in a random warehouse that's lacking A/C. After losing every ounce of water in my body, we headed to our respective places and got cleaned up to go to a concert of one of the other guys on the vball team, Walter. He was playing at The Depot on Charles St about one block north of Penn Station. The music was very interesting, it was a mix of sounds and I really don't know how to describe it, but I definately liked it. Here is all of us at the Depot and Walter playing:
After the concert most of us headed down to Fed Hill to the Dog Pub to get a couple "pairs" of beer. The cabbie that took of down in a Mini-Van was named Sammie and was getting into it with Jeff about what he was drinking. We tried to get Sammie to come in and grab a drink with us but I thnk he had enough to drink in his water bottle. The manager at Dog Pub gave us a few shots of GM (which I hate but can't turn down) before kicking us out (last call) so we headed to the pizza place for some late night snacking. Of course by snacking I mean we dominated two pizza's in about 5 minutes.
Overall it was great time and I look forward to more of these nights when our vball league starts up again in September.

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