Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Thoughts

It was only a week ago that my feelings toward the Olympics could be summed up as apathetic at the best, but now that the NBC barage has begun I find myself completely drawn to everything Olympic. I find myself spending my free time at work researching the athletes and the sports that no (or maybe only a few) American cares about (Hand ball anyone?). I realized that America's best hope at a badmiton medal works at the Home Depot and that the Chinese loves team USA basketball more than team China. I was out at Buffalo Wild Wings in White Marsh Saturday night (after a horrible round of golf) and there was football, baseball, the olympics and several random sports channels on. My choice to watch, everything having to do with the olympics. I can't really remember who was playing football, the O's were winning (I think because they fell into their usual play a few months ago), the White Sox may have been playing, and I think there was some other sports news going on. I do remember everything olympics we watched; Phelps getting his first gold in the 400M medley, the US Women's beach vball winning and some other things. Tonight, I went to Speakeasy in Canton to watch Phelps get his third gold after watching some more beach vball and gymnastics. I completely expect this obsession to continue and I cannot wait until track starts.

I wish I had some form of cable to watch the Olympics (yes, yes I know NBC can be watched over the air but the signal is fuzzy and I don't like poor quality), but I don't feel that the cost of comcast or direct tv is worth the short amount of time I would spend watching it. Plus, I can get almost all the content I want to watch online and I have a 600+ DVD/Blu-ray collection to keep me entertained.

I think I will try out NBC's streaming video at work tomorrow .

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jwer said...

If you have access to your roof, you should pick up one of these; essentially a UHF antenna, will allow you to get more or less all the over-the-air HD broadcasts for under $50. I stuck one on my roof and now get 2.1, 2.2, 11.1, 14.1, 45.1, 54.1, 67.1, etc... I gotta tell you, watching the Olympics on 11.1 almost makes me care about them. I assume since you have a Blu-ray player you have a digital ready TV; all you need is a coax cable from the antenna to your set.