Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall TV Line-up Pt. 1 (1-25)

Since I don't have cable and still haven't gotten the antenna JWER suggested a month ago, my plan is to go to the gym and watch the shows I like while either riding a bike, walking on a treadmill or doing whatever it is you do on an elliptical. I just hope there aren't too many nights with more than one hour-long show playing in a row. The ones I will watch (or would like to someday when they come out on DVD) are in RED. Here is the breakdown of the fall line-up according to Yahoo! Be warned, it's a long list.
  • 90210 - Don't care, wouldn't watch it if I was being paid
  • The Shield - Can't watch it, I am only through the 3rd season, but will get to it eventually
  • America's Next Top Model - Nope
  • Bones - Fox, Wednesday @ 8PM (I'll be at a fundraiser at Mad River and so should you) Will catch it online later in the week, great show!
  • Ghost Hunters - Don't believe so don't care
  • Top Design - If they were designing the interior of my rowhome I would tune in
  • Sons of Anarchy - FX, Wednesday @ 10 (see Bones) Can't wait to see the new FX "pushing the boundries" show but it might wait until the season comes out on DVD
  • Are you smarter ... I am not finishing that
  • Cops - "now the longest running show on TV after the Simpsons!!" really, this is still on the air?
  • America's Most Wanted - ibid (does that fit in this situation?)
  • True Blood - HBO, Sunday @ 9 Too bad my gym doesn't have HBO on the TVs, I tend to like most of HBO's shows (however, Carnival was a little out there for me)
  • Entourage - HBO, Sunday @ 10 Again, no HBO ... but I have been able to wait for the DVD for each of the past four seasons and will do that again for this one
  • Terminator: SCC - Fox, Monday @ 8 Will definately be able to ride for an hour and not notice during this show
  • The Rachel Zoe Project - Who is Rachel Zoe?
  • Fringe - Fox, Tuesday @ 8 I'll try anything by J.J. Abrams at least once ... yes, anything
  • Privileged - Any that has the letters CW somewhere in the description is written off by me ... is that being unfair?
  • Til Death - I just don't really get into comedies on TV
  • Do Not Disturb - Comedy = no
  • Kitchen Nightmares - Reality falls into the same category as comedies, just not too into them (there are some that can grab my attention though)
  • Don't forget the Lyrics - Won't need to waste time on this
  • House - Fox, Tuesday @ 8 This will be a DVD season since I didn't see any of last season yet
  • Lincoln Heights - While I believe ABC Family has some good shows, I won't be watching this one
  • Biggest Loser: Families - Great concept and if they could just make the cast 200 million Americans it would be awesome (yes, I would be part of that cast)
  • Smallville - I think this show has a passionate following, but I am not among them
  • Supernatural - It's on the CW but when Best Buy runs a 19.99 (or lower) sale on the first season I might have to break that rule

There are 94 shows on Yahoo's list so there will be 4 more posts just like this one. Depending on how busy I am at work tomorrow, I might be able to get all of them out ... if today's 5 (this being 6) posts are any indication ... the list will be done tomorrow.

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Cat said...

I did a TV line up blog as well. I caught sons of anarchy and admit I actually liked it! I saw True Blood (love a good vampire series) but am luke warm about it. Actually I read the first book in the series that the show is based on which the episode seems to be following and never finished the first book b/c I got bored hope that won't happen with the series. Very excited about a few new shoes and Fringe and Heroes are at the top of my list!