Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Maryland vs. Delaware

Several things came together to make Saturday a great day:

- Terps football season opener
- Opponent was Delaware (a bunch of my friends went there)
- Tickets were easily available
- Game was at 3:45
- Tailgating started at 11:00
- The rain decided to stay away
- We didn't run out of beer
- The food was awesome
- Maryland won (even if they looked pretty bad)

The rest will be shown through pictures and captions.

Me displaying finesse required to play cornhole

Jones and Bob waiting to throw

Can you say vegetables?

I think it's going in the hole

Waiting for the food to be ready

"It's Paris, with an E"

Meggett about to run over some Blue Hens

"Go Terps!"

Watching in the stands

The end result

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