Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall TV Line-up Pt. 2 (26-50)

This is a continuation of the list from yesterday in the same format. Apparently the Yahoo! list I was working off of deletes the shows that have already premiered.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - It's a comedy, but promising ... maybe I'll catch it someday on my Blockbuster queue
  • 20/20 - Why is this on the list, I thought this was a continuous news program
  • In Harm's Way - Don't know what this is, doubt I will find out
  • Valentine - Another show on the CW? Does this station has shows running 30 hours each day?
  • Easy Money - Again with the CW, won't be watching this
  • Dancing with the Stars - I'll check out the final episode if Warren Sapp or Misty May-Treanor are on it
  • The Big Bang Theory - The actors voices are so whiny and it's a comedy
  • How I Met Your Mother - I love NPH and the few episodes I have seen are great, but I don't see myself watching this on a regular basis
  • Heroes - NBC, Monday @ 9 I will be somewhere in the vicinity of a TV to watch this every week
  • Two and a Half Men - Funny show, but like How I Met Your Mother I may only see something here or there
  • Worst Week - All I know about this show is the title and it really doesn't look appealing
  • CSI: Miami - I just can't get into any of these
  • Boston Legal - Never watched it except during the couple episodes Micheal J. Fox was in, those were good enough, but not for me to become a regular viewer
  • NCIS - CSI in the Navy? ... not for me
  • Opportunity Knocks - One of those reality contest things the world could do without
  • The Mentalist - saw a commercial for this were he said the victim was gay because he had a pedicure ... terrible choice of clips to show if you want to appeal to the largest possible audience, I won't be watching it
  • Without a Trace - CBS, Tuesday @ 10 Love the actors/actresses and their group dynamic but will wait for DVD
  • Law & Order: SVU - NBC, Tuesday @ 10 Best of the bunch and the acting is top notch ... plus it has Munch from Homicide: Life on the Street (great Baltimore show), will have to wait for DVD though
  • Knight Rider - I watched the mini-movie preview thing in the spring and was let down, the only positive about this show is the car
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine - Apparently this is a great show and very funny, I believe it but will leave it to others
  • Gary Umarried - No thanks
  • Criminal Minds - Best actor left the show (the guy from Dead Like Me - amazing show), don't need to watch
  • CSI: NY - See CSI: Miami
  • Lipstick Jungle - I don't think I am the intended audience for this show and will comply
  • Survivor: Gabon - Not big on the reality shows, especially in their 17th season

Another 25 a little bit later ...

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