Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Political Thoughts

With the upcoming election and everyone talking about Obama this and Palin that and Tina Fey this and McCain won't make it another 4 years that ... I figured I would talk about why, as a Maryland resident, I am not going to vote. As much as I appreciate being able to cast a vote and being told I have a say in who the future leader of our country is, that is a load of shit. Why? Maryland is a blue state and until the electoral college goes away and this country becomes truly democratic (popular vote), there is no point to me wasting my time to drive somewhere I don't live (my legal address is still in the county) and vote when I already know what the outcome of my state will be. "But Patrick, if everyone thought that way, then McCain could win Maryland." Well, everyone doesn't think that way ... I do, and will continue to until I either move to Ohio, Pennsylvania or get old and end up in Florida (as all old people do). Less then 20% of Maryland's population are registered Republicans (it was 12% in 2002, not sure exactly what it is now) and I don't see a Republican candidate ever winning Maryland in a Presidential election without some pretty extraordinary circumstances (like if Obama chose Palin to be his running mate).

Who else is up for re-election/replacement this term?? Guess I need to do some research and find out if I'll end up voting anyways.

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