Monday, September 15, 2008

My dilemma

So I really want to post about the Dragonboat races on Saturday but almost all of the pictures have my company logo all over them. The dilemma is whether or not I care ... my mom (yes, she is probably one of three people that read this ... including me) mentioned that I should only post ones that don't have the company name in them ... but after thinking about it, it really doesn't matter to me. Anyone with a 5th grade education, and some of those advanced 3rd and 4th graders would be able to figure out where I work in less than 5 minutes based on past posts or just by putting my name into facebook. I don't shy away from putting my picture out there or fully sharing my adventures (as poorly written as they may be), that is pretty much all I do.

I guess the deeper question is ... is there anything on here that I think can be seen as detrimental to my career or may result in a backlash of some sort from work?

I don't think so ... I don't complain about work on here (yet?) ... I don't talk about co-workers in the workplace (many are friends and pictured throughout this) ... I don't hide my lifestyle from people at work (they all know I drink and live in a shell of a house, the two main themes of this blog)

I'll think about this on my drive home and decide what pictures I want to post and how I want to present the races on Saturday, in the meantime here is a picture to hold you over (which shows the blurred, but still legible logo):


Charissa said...

Easy... edit them. Just blur it out. I don't post about work but a lot of people at work read my blog - it's not worth the crossover even if they do know. I don't post the company name on my myspace either. You're right - people can figure it out, but I never want to be blamed for doing anything to knock the company...

Charissa said...

Oh - and cool pic. :)