Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Renewing my License

Yesterday I made a trip to the MVA Express in Columbia to renew my soon-to-be-expired license. I am sad that I no longer have a license with a picture that looks like a mug-shot and instead have one that looks like it should adorn the packaging of Brawny paper towels. At least I thought that until I just (literally, just now) went to get a picture and realized that the new Brawny man is clean-shaven and the old one only had a mustache :-( Hmmm ... well maybe my new license photo could be on the cover of ... damnit ... can't think of anything ... this really ruined my day and it's not even 11 AM yet. Well, my friend's mom calls it a Moses beard ... so that will have to do.
I made an observation while standing in line. The guy standing in front of me was texting and being a half a foot taller than everyone else and "observant" (nosey) I looked at what he was typing ... verbatim - "Word. Can you help get those job postings fo meh?" I didn't see the message he was responding to, and after he glared at me I decided no to read any of the future messages, but thought this was worth mentioning ... mainly because it made my wait in line less agonizing.


Anonymous said...

You should have kept reading... being a foot taller, I'm sure you could have took him!

Patrick said...

Yeah, but then I don't think I would have gotten my official Paul Bunyan (I thought of something other than Moses!!) license if that happened.