Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cause I'm Drunk

It's my birthday and I have been drinking all weekend so I am going to have another guest post and you all (3 of you) can just deal with it.


Charm City Barfly said...

Happy birthday!Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Which really isn't very much. So don't do half of the things I would do and don't do any of the things I absolutely wouldn't do.

The Daily Breather said...

There's something to be said for being drunk all birthday weekend. Like a high schooler's shirt said last week: "Spending a weekend wasted is not a wasted weekend."

This weekend I learned the value of a Sunday brunch. It's for the socialite crowd who are zombies after Saturday night events.

Many happy returns... to a weekend birthday binge

Whiskeymarie said...

Happy belated b-day! Last time I checked, one is required to be drunk the weekend of one's birthday. It's in the manual.