Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Review

I accomplished my goal this weekend and did not spend any money and still had a great time.

After working on my house Saturday and watching a movie in the morning I went for a walk around Canton. Stopped by Blockbuster to return the movie and pick up some new movies (I subscribe to the BB Total Access and believe it is better than Netflix since I can walk to the store and get a new movie immediately for free and still have the next one in my queue arrive in a couple days) then continued down toward the 1st Mariner building and looped around till I got back home. Cooked some lunch and wasted an hour and a half of my life on the worst (maybe not the worst but definately up there) movie ever; The Happening. Walked up to Patterson Park and watched my sister's BSSC football team shutout some horrible team 50-something to 0.

After the game, we (me, my sis and her bf) headed to Dockside and had dinner (they paid, thanks!) before heading out to Mahaffey's to meet up with some people from their football team. I stopped by my neighbors' for a minute and a couple beers before going to Mahaffey's since a couple of them ran in the B'more marathon and were having a party later. Back out at Mahafee's I had a couple beers that I think people only bought to increase their level in the 100 Beer Club but didn't want to drink. Gotta love the 9% beers. I stayed there for a while until my sister's choice of music on the jukebox started getting to me and I had to leave.

I went back to my neighbors' house and by this time the party had started and there were a bunch of people there. I started playing the drinking game "baseball" (which I had never played before) and ended up drinking more than I had planned. After a while everyone wanted to head out so about 10 of us made a quick pit stop at my house and finished off one of the bottles (yes I keep multiple on hand) of Jager before heading to Looney's. Thinking back on it I find it funny that there were that many people crowding around my kitchen with a drop cloth hanging between the living room and the kitchen and my couch and bike also in the kitchen with my ceiling half missing (run-on sentence?). We got to Looney's and went upstairs to go dancing (I haven't danced since college but since my friend couldn't find her husband she used me instead). A couple of the people that had the Jager shots with me bought me shots at the bar so it all worked out in terms of not needing to buy anything. We closed out the bar (I think) and I went home and passed out.

I woke up feeling great at 12:45 Sunday and immediately updated my fantasy football team (good thing too cause I didn't have a full line-up ~ ended up winning). I packed some beers and rode my bike over to my sister's bf's house to watch the Ravens game. After getting there I think the realization that I had entirely too much to drink the night before hit me like a ton of bricks. I went to the basement and passed out until the 3rd quarter. When I came back upstairs and saw the score I really felt like going back down to pass out again. Instead we waited until the end of the game (and the Redskins final and the Dallas ending) then went outside to play football in the street. A couple collisions with cars and some scraped knees later, my team won. I got a ride home since it was dark and I didn't feeling like getting hit by a car on my way home. That pretty much ended my weekend since I wasn't able to get to my volleyball game after getting home (stupid car).

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