Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So many holes ...

Yesterday I got my free flu shot from work and today I had to get a PPD test for TB (where they inject a something in you and you go back two days later to see if you are going to die ... or something like that), several tubes of blood drawn to find out if my MMR and varicella vaccines from when I was a kid are still strong. If those come back and my vaccinations aren't strong enough I will need to get several booster shots. So far everything has either gone into or been taken out of my left arm ... I am left handed for most things and now my left arm feels weird and I can't write or type normally, hopefully this will go away tomorrow and no issues with drinking tonight arise ... it's a friend's 25th bday.

I am getting all these things because I am volunteering at a camp that I don't really know much about right now. It's an overnight camp and it's for a good cause and I'll be leading a bunch of random activities so I am looking forward to it. I haven't done much volunteering since undergrad and really want to get into some local things (like Habitat for Humanity) so this is a good first step. I am even skipping a Terps football game for it (anyone want to buy tickets to the UM - Wake game? 6th row?).

Happy Birthday Christy!

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