Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guest post from the most awesome person ever

Hello, I am writing to you as a special guest for this particular blog. How did I earn that right you may ask? I'm sexy. Damn sexy. That's right kids, be alarmed. I wanted to comment on the house's condition from a guest's perspective. You walk in, and there is nothing. I mean not a thing. How is this possible? Then, you walk into the kitchen and there is a couch. No, not the cool kind of talking couch but just a regular old couch. You would think that a couch in the kitchen would be at least a couch that could eat or something, It doesn't eat though, so you move on. Then there's the back yard, which is more like a back square. It's cool like a square dancing square not "Im a boring person square", but it does have a mammoth tree that overtakes you upon entrance. This tree is out to get you. You know the trees in the Wizard of Oz? Yea, they took lessons from this tree. It's down right elephantic, which is a word in several different languages. So yes, that is my analyzation of this house from a guest's perspective. Scary yet cool. Bring your hard hat. Kudos!

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