Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ho Co General Hospital

First, I want to commend myself on being the most awesome brother in the world (at least for 5 or so hours today).

That being said, I spent 4+ hours in the hospital with my sister tonight and now I am tired as hell. Thankfully it was nothing serious and she is at my mom's sleeping and seemed to be doing better when I dropped her off (after getting her some Wendy's since she hadn't been able to eat all day and I think she has been addicted to their Frosty since childhood ... really, when she gets one it's like she's getting a fix after going through the early stages of withdrawal).

Now onto more self-promoting; I went to my mom's after work to clean out the suburban I used for tailgating at the MD football game this weekend and to watch Heroes from her DVR (which didn't record :-( so I'll be watching it on on my small laptop) when I got the call old sis was in the hospital (the call was from her cell but when I answered it was her bf so I knew something was up). Old sis bf asked me if I knew where mom was cause they weren't able to get in touch with her ... score points for the reliable brother. Luckily, I knew where mom was so I called her repeatedly until I finally got a call back and let her know the deal (after having to call back old sis bf because I didn't ask for any details at first and just thought to call mom). We all got to the hospital and hung out for a long time while they periodically had a nurse over to do nursey stuff. Anyways, after several hours (and knowing it wasn't serious) my mom headed home instructing me to call when we were leaving. Another hour or so later old sis roommate needs to leave (she was with her the entire time and this was the first time I met her so it was a good first impression). There I am, the only one left with my ailing sister in the hospital ... score points for the dedicated brother. I drove her to my mom's so someone would be there in case she got sick again (old sis roommate was house sitting for her 'rents and wouldn't be at the condo) then I drove home to my house, and now here I am typing this.

Anyways, long story short I really just wanted to say how clean Howard County General Hospital is. I have a tendency to get sick in hospitals ever since I was a kid visiting my G'ma before she died but have never had that feeling the few times I have been to HCGH.

BTW, sorry for all the "old sis bf" and other IM speak, just makes it easier. And an fyi, I have an old sis and a mid sis. I am the youngest and was subjected to the torture of having two older sisters. Luckily, I was taller than them by 3rd grade or there abouts so the torture was fairly subdued after that.

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