Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bored out of my mind

I got home from work yesterday, did some more demolition on my house (expanded the hole in the ceiling), cleaned up for 3x longer than I destroyed stuff, watched the second to last disc of Six Feet Under and went to bed around 11. I didn't go out (it was hard to resist the texts saying "In Canton drinking, where are you?") and didn't spend any money.

I woke up at 8 this morning and actually got out of bed. Cooked some eggs and watched a movie then did some more work on my house (less messy stuff today cause I am running out of room to put the rubble). Now I am going crazy cause I don't want to watch any movies and don't have cable to watch football but don't want to spend money at the bars to watch it. I was going to walk over to Fed Hill, but my friends are either out of state or getting ready for weddings. I don't think this not spending money thing is going to work out ... I am pretty sure I will be at a bar watching football by 2.


Maureen said...

Well you could walk to a library and see what videos they have - FREE.

I finally got Season 1, Episode 1/2 of MI-5 after about 6 months. I think they bought a new #1.

Maybe you can volunteer at a soup kitchen this afternoon. "spend less, care more."

Nice to find another MD blogger.

Charm City Barfly said...

Now where is the post where you explain you ended up going out anyway and drinking your ass off.

Patrick said...

Maureen -
I am volunteering all next weekend and haven't been to a library in years (need to get a card I suppose). You should go to if you want to find more MD bloggers.

I'll have that post to you by lunch tomorrow. I actually didn't spend any money but woke up feeling like I spent a fortune Sunday morning.

Corey said...

I put all my demo work in heavy duty garbage bags in the back yard and have someone haul them away. I like the guy I use to haul stuff away if you need his name let me know.