Sunday, October 26, 2008

Purple Fever-Another Guest Post

Hi everyone! It's me, your favorite guest, coming due to the immense popularity of my first guest post. Today was the Ravens game, which was AWESOME except for the intense sun exposure that was directly on my face. This blog owner, however, is in worse shape then I am as he did not even have sunglasses. What kind of person wouldn't wear sunglasses? Especially when seats are on the sunny side of the stadium? I only have one word for that kind of I can't say in fear that there may be feeble children or bible loving old ladies reading this blog. I'm not here to offend.

Back to the Ravens game today...we played the Raiders. One thing I will say about the Raiders is that they like spikes. Spikes I must admit can be pretty cool when used appropriately (ladies you know what I mean). However these particular spikes were just used as a bad version of the 80s shoulder pads. Not fashionably forward at all, just hurtful. You could poke your eye out.

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