Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maryland Homecoming Football Game

I went to the Maryland vs. NC State football game this past Saturday as part of my fabulous birthday weekend. We got there several hours early and set up shop for tailgating. At first we thought the weather reports about heavy rain all afternoon were BS because it was really nice out and warmer than originally expected. That sure didn't last. We start hearing people yelling and looked over and could see the edge of the rain making its way toward us (it reminded me a lot about when I was in Ireland and everyday you could see the edge of a storm somewhere off in the distance). After a few minutes of the rain we decided that it wouldn't matter because it was just going to continue all day. We continued our drinking, grilling, and baggo (cornhole) playing. We also made it a point to stop by some tailgaters that had an awesome ice luge last year to see what they brought this time around.

Needless to say, this is a bad ass ice luge. If you look at the shoulders there are small funnels that pour out into the opposite hands of the Terp.

When we got to the game it seemed like everyone but us were wearing ponchos. The stadium had a good amount of people considering the weather and that NC State was perceived to be a weak opponent. The game was really sloppy but Maryland was able to win 27 - 24 in the last few seconds with a field goal (after already having won with a TD pass to Darrius Heyward-Bey that was ruled incomplete but definitely was a catch).

This photo shows how much it was raining during the game. I got it from and hope it is OK to publish it on here.

We went back and tailgated some more as we waited for the parking lots to clear out then headed home (with a short detour towards DC ... oops). Our plan was to go to the Green Turtle in Columbia to watch the UFC fight but within a few minutes of getting home there were 4 guys passed out on a couch.

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