Thursday, October 23, 2008

The ground can really hurt

I have a lot to catch up on here but work has been bust this week ... well, except for yesterday afternoon but I decided it was a better idea to leave early since I worked late on Monday and Tuesday. Today I should be able to catch up on some things since I am working from home with a f'ed up back and neck. Last night I was playing beach volleyball over in Fed Hill and jumped to hit a ball while running backwards on sand ... oh how I love how stable sand is ... especially when your feet are numb because you don't have any shoes on and it's 50 degrees out. Anyway I landed on my back and my head snapped back into the ground. I think I have whiplash or something because the top of my neck realy hurts. Oh well, maybe I'll get some good updates done from this past weekend.

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Charm City Barfly said...

Sorry to hear about your neck. That sucks. You want some of my special pills? Not only do they make the pain go away they also make you very, very happy.